Suggested Fees

Fees and prices, as with any business, reflect expenses incurred in creating, producing and exhibiting art: materials, equipment, studio rent and overhead, artist fees, professional education, development and membership; all of the expenses necessary to a successful arts practice.

Additional charges may include consultation, installation, insurance, shipping, transportation costs, equipment rental, publication or any other costs associated with the exhibition production or copyright use. 

Fee Guides are offered for Professional Practices and a suggested range for Developing Practices based on CARFAC Fee Guides; taxes not included. Of consideration is the number and size of artworks on display, special conditions or challenges, travel time, length of exhibition, installation time and expenses, and a personal relationship. An exchange of "true value" may also be an option to consider. 

Exhibitions in Public Places

Exhibitions in Professional Institutions

Creation of a Work in Public

Presentation or Consultation




Artwork Rental Fees