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Amy Ferrari, SenTrees of the Grapes

Amy Ferrari, SenTrees of the Grapes

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Artist Agreement for Exhibitions

Sample Agreement for Art Rental

How to Create an Invoice

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Using Images

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+ Help me find...

  • local art that I love
  • all kinds of different art, artists, skills and services
  • ceramic, jewellery, glass and wood artworks
  • an artist, installer, curator, photographer, sculptor, blogger
  • a calendar to know when regional art shows & sales are happening
  • information about art value, prices and what's fair to pay
  • information about the business of work together - fees, contracts and more

+ I want local original art in my home, small business or office. I need help to...

  • learn about art, discover what I like and where to find it
  • understand what would look and feel great in this setting
  • find someone who could help me understand what I like, about my needs
  • know what I should pay for art, for art consultants and services
  • understand about renting and purchasing art, which is best for me
  • have a specialized art program designed to suit our needs
  • commission a special work
  • frame, hang or install art to look great

+ In the workplace, help to...

  • build an art collection, run a competition
  • develop a corporate brand identity, decor, written and print materials
  • work with a jeweller, a ceramic or glass artist to create a corporate gift, an award
  • take a unique marketing approach, website design or signage
  • energize and modernize the workspace; make it more interesting, motivating, attractive for staff and clients
  • have an art program designed that is unique, reflects your culture
  • do activities to bring staff together, provide leadership training
  • help staff become more creative, innovative
  • develop a stimulating environment that fosters that kind of thinking
  • host client appreciation activities reflective of your culture and work
  • document the development of a product, a project, tell your history, your story and get out to the public
  • inspire pride and ownership in employees, a healthy, competitive business model

+ We want to use original art in fundraising and need...

  • information to being, to organize
  • help to find artists and art
  • someone with experience to organize it, guide us through this first year
  • help to market our ideas

+ I'm interested in the social and educational aspects of art...

  • to do something different, to grow, to learn
  • plan a special event, a birthday party that's inspirational, memorable
  • organize a unique evening for friends or business colleagues
  • host a social art party, a workshop, a studio tour
  • have art lessons in private, for my children, with my friends or where I can meet new people
  • learn more about making art, art appreciation, develop new skills, become an artist
  • to meet kindred spirits, people with similar interests

+ I want to commemorate or celebrate an event, a story, a life, a history by...

  • commissioning a photograph, a series to tell the story
  • working with a jeweller, a ceramic or glass artist to create a gift, a memorial piece
  • finding the perfect painting, or hiring a painter to make it
  • having a portrait done of that person or group from life or a photograph
  • creating a mural, a mosaic, a drawing or a cartoon to tell that story
  • building a monument, a sculpture for display inside out

+ For manufacturing, technology and industry, artists and arts consultants can...

  • step back from the process or problem and rethink it entirely differently
  • stretch manufacturing ideas beyond engineered solutions
  • solve problems, reframing the question, providing different approaches
  • get employees thinking more creatively, in new and different ways about problems and design
  • offer fresh design help, images, approach and a different perspective
  • help with 3D design, creating complex designs easily, to help manufacture new, better and cheaper products
  • design furniture, lighting, plumbing fixtures, ceramic tiles, fabric, children's toys, jigsaw puzzles... and more
  • help with product development and testing. Paint, fibre, tools... give it to an artist working in that medium
  • can also do restoration work, create new monuments
  • make models maquette for product development in clay, Styrofoam, cardboard
  • offer a fresh new marketing approach to set apart, make unique, using your own photos, story and website

+ In business, hire these artists and art consultants...

  • Designers for your website using custom photographs to communicate your organization's mission in images
  • Bloggers and videographers to tell and promote your story. Print-makers, sculptors, muralists, and painters do this too
  • Photographers are excellent visual storytellers, using your own photos and company brand to develop marketing for your goals
  • Corporate arts-based workshops use creative thinking processes to enhance leadership and management skills
  • Get original art into your workplace. Innovation and creativity is essential to a healthy, competitive business model. A stimulating environment fosters that kind of thinking
Fatima Garzan, U Curve Sculpture

Fatima Garzan, U Curve Sculpture

Fee Guides

For Exhibiting Art, Skills and Services

Valuing art, respecting the makers...

Art$Pay fee guides and compensation information are intended to encourage respectful and healthy relationships between creators and producers of art with their presenters and consumers to contribute to a strong and sustainable visual arts sector in Waterloo Region.

This information is offered only as a starting point for successful negotiations. A tailor-made solution, one that's fair for all parties involved, is possible for every situation.

Suggested Fees

Exchanges of Value

Understanding Fees & Artwork Prices