Exchanges of Value

And other creative compensation models

Art is a business and good business relationships should be mutually beneficial. Sometime when paying cash is difficult, a full or partial exchange of 'true' value may be agreeable to those involved. 'True' value refers to something that has a cash equivalent and quantitatively helps the arts practitioner to cover art production and living expenses.

Examples for a shop, restaurant, bar or cafe start-up:

  1. The business hosts, promotes and covers the expenses of an exhibition reception.
  2. The business agrees to an equivalent art rental fee being taken by the artist over a specified time in business goods and services provided 'at cost'.
  3. The business agrees to pay a 4% rental fee on the art displayed if no sales of equal or greater value happen as a result of the owners' promotions by the end of a specified time period (Fee Guides).
  4. Rent to own!
  5. Artist is promoted in all business promotions, including weekly social media postings.
  6. The business agrees to give the artist the bar or food sales proceeds from a particular time period, encouraging  the artist to populate the establishment.
  7. Gift certificates
  8. Goods and services are exchanged for art.
  9. Get creative and share on Art$Pay!