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Installation means overseeing or participation in the installation or de-installation of works for an exhibition on the exhibitor's premises; packing or unpacking of works, placing work in an exhibition space, ordering, hanging, adjustment of equipment and so on.

The artist may charge these rates if they are installing their own work at an exhibition venue on their own behalf or on the behalf of another artist (ie. working as an artist's assistant on site). This would be negotiated with the gallery or exhibition venue when discussing the details of the installation of the work for exhibition. In most cases, the gallery will have their own staff install the work with the artist consulting or providing clear instruction on how the work is installed.

Fee Guides

Hourly rate

Per half day, under 4 hours

Per day, over 4 hours

Professional fee  $67

Professional fee  $266

Professional fee  $444

Developing fee  $26 - $46.72

Developing fee  $104 - $138

Developing fee  $173 - $231