Art Rental

Renting art for a period of time can be a stimulating and inexpensive way to bring local original art into your business, workspace or home - then change it out again!  Maybe you just can’t part with it and want to purchase the work. Some rental agreements include the proviso that any rent paid is deducted from the final price if the work is purchased while under contract.

Monthly art rental fees are approximately 4% of the total value of the displayed work (Suggested Fees) however exchanges of 'value' (Exchanges of Value) might be included in negotiations. The’ total value’ is the regular sale price or value set by the artist. Not all rented works may be for sale.

The Art$Pay (AP) Directory  is a great resource to access Art for Rent, Professional Curators and other arts practitioners with experience sourcingorganizing and installing art for you. Artists’ images posted on ArtsPay function like a button and are not representative of the range of work in that artist's practice. Click on that image to go the artist's website to see more of their current work, to make contact and find out what art is available.

AP is a non-profit organization, and acts only as a resource and conduit to connect listed artists and other practitioners with ‘optional’ opportunities. If an AP artist chooses to list in the Art for Rent section of the Skills & Services Directory, anyone can contact that artist directly to arrange for art rental - a curator, business, non-profit organization, a home owner etc.

Rental terms and conditions should be carefully specified in a client-provided agreement, made available for review by all parties involved well in advance of final planning and art delivery. Posted signage and art labels provide information about the art, the artists and your art rental project.

The client is responsible to clarify with the artist expectations of other services which may be required in completing a project, and the associated payment  (Suggested Fees).Don’t assume that the artist is also a curator and will plan the display, or install the art for free.

The artist is responsible to find out about insurance and security which will vary with different situations, and should be detailed in the Agreement. Many larger organizations and businesses will have some insurance and security measures in place, while small businesses and homes are less likely and may include a waiver, in which case the artist may ask for a damage deposit to cover the art work and framing.

AP advocates fair payment for visual artists. Free exposure is a serious issue for the visual arts sector, not often understood by well-intentioned art supporters who offer up their walls for free display; see Myths and Best Practices. Art rental is just one solution being promoted by AP, a better alternative to ‘free exposure’ by paying artists ‘fair market’ art rent,and it can include many creative variations.

Below are two tailor-made art rental solutions for organizations with very different art needs.  A wide range of services and art is available through Art$Pay and this kind of planning is a free service provided by  Art$Pay  on behalf of members.

The Centre in The Square Art Rental Model

The CITS and Art$Pay collaborated to design an art rental program suitable to the CITS goal of enhanced audience experience.

CITS rents art directly from the artists, hires professional curators to select the art and plan the display, and pays the installers; all  according to CARFAC Suggested Fees. All of the visual art practitioners involved are AP members and can be accessed through the AP MARKETPLACE Directory.

 Details of the CITS program include:

• AP art on display is professionally curated and installed
• There are two rental periods annually, each 5 months long
• Artists are paid 4% of total value per work per month for 5 months
• Artwork labels are posted, which include artist contact info, and if the art is for sale
• AP & artists are promoted through signage and viewing of the video to CITS audiences

The Curator is aware of the importance of hanging work suitable for each location in their building; for example ensuring that fragile works are not hung where they can be touched or be subject to weather through exterior door openings.

The CITS does not take commissions, and is not involved in any sales transactions which happen outside of the CITS rental contract, and are subsequent to it. The 4% rental payment arrangements are made directly with the artists, with payment details outlined in the CITS- Artist Agreement.  

The WalterFedy Art Rental Model

WalterFedy is an integrated architecture, engineering and construction firm with over 60 years of experience. Changing original art provides a stimulating and inspirational work environment, important to staff and clients.

There are 2- 3 themed exhibitions installed per year in the office. WalterFedy hires a Curator-in-Residence to manage the program on an annual basis. The Curator plans the exhibitions, sources the art, contact the artists, organizes all of the details, installs the art and plans an opening reception which is provided by the company.

The artists’ payment is a combination of rent  and an exchange of value’ involving the reception and printed materials. Talks and workshops have been offered at lunch for staff by exhibiting artists.

ArtSPay can help plan a program to suit your needs! 

AP lists Professional Curators, artists who offer Art Consulting, Installation and more in the Skills & Services section of the Directory with Suggested Fees for these services.