Display Equipment Rental


Display Equipment Rental - Four Easy Steps!

Display equipment is stored in Kitchener, Ontario Canada and renter must arrange pick-up and drop-off. We cannot deliver or make alternate arrangements for shipping.

1. Equipment Needs
Please review the information and rates below.  Email info@artspay.org for help with planning, to calculate the total rental fee, and to arrange mutually convenient pick-up and drop-off times. Applications must include the applicant’s city of residence. Rates are all-inclusive; lower for Art$Pay members than non-members.

2. Payment
The total rental fee is due at pick-up, plus a separate damage deposit which is 50% of that total rental fee; cash or cheque only. The damage deposit will be returned at drop-off, less any equipment damage or loss. 

3. Rental Agreement
The Art$Pay contact person will bring a hard copy of the Display Equipment Rental Agreement to be completed at pick-up. Please read the on-line version in advance to be aware of terms, conditions and all of the information needed.

4. Contact Information
Provide Art$Pay with the name and phone number(s) of the person(s) authorized to do pick-up and drop-off, and indicate if they are not the Renter. 

Art$Pay is investigating display lighting for rental and moving companies to move and/or set up the panels; and will post that information here as developments are made.

To view and download the Display Equipment Rental Agreement, please click here.

Art$Pay Display Equipment Rental Rates

Base Package Rates include Time & Equipment Rental

Regardless of the amount of equipment rented, another practitioner’s time is involved with communications, administration, contract preparation, rental equipment preparation, and for pick-up & delivery, two trips and time spent at the equipment storage site.

For simplicity all rates are weekly only and taxes are included. Pick-up and drop-off are to be arranged for mutually convenient times within that week rental period. Rates may change.

Reservations are possible with a non-refundable 10% deposit. The deposit is deducted from rent to be paid.

Base Package Equipment

Up to, and including, the equipment necessary for one U-shaped display booth, 10’ wide x 8’ high, with two end walls, each 2’ wide x 8‘ high, and with optional accessories:

·         7 panels
·         2 T-legs
·         1 shallow basket / shelf
·         30 grid wall hanging hooks or ‘S’ hooks   (10/ pkg.)

Wall hanging Grid Hook (black)

Wall hanging Grid Hook (black)

Shallow Wire Basket (black) • 12”D x 24”L x 4”H

Shallow Wire Basket (black)
• 12”D x 24”L x 4”H

 Rental Period - up to one week / 7 days, including pick-up and drop-off days; not Sat / Sun. Daylight times are preferred if possible. The storage area is not heated or lit.

AP Artist/Member Rate - $100 plus $50 per additional week
Non-Member Rate* - $150 plus $100 per additional week

* AP Supporting Membership is just $50 annually & includes other benefits! 

Not included - delivery, pick-up, installation, loading and unloading vehicles

Panels are 8 feet long. Please see Appendix A in the Rental Equipment Agreement for other important info about equipment weight and sizes for planning. Moving and installing is a two person job

 AP is working to provide names of moving companies willing to move & install the equipment. Borrowing or renting a vehicle is another alternative.

Rates for Additional Equipment

The rate below is per piece per week, and is in addition to the weekly Base Package Rate(s) when more than the ‘Base’ equipment is needed for different periods of time.

Rate calculation examples and the formula are below.

How much equipment do I need? Contact AP with your plans to help plan your equipment needs. Extended periods and exchanges of value are negotiable.

M= AP Member      N = Non-member

M$5                           N $10      Panels (2’w x 8’ h’)

M $4                          N $8        T-legs (1”w x 60”h) 

M $3                          N $6        Hanging basket/ shelf (2’w x 1’d x 4”h

M $2                          N $4        Grid wall hanging hooks (1”w x 3”h) or ‘S’ hooks, per pkgs. of 10

Member Rental Examples

# Booths (connected end walls) for ……………………..1 week           2 weeks          3 weeks

1   - Base Package                                                                            $100               $150                $200

5   - Base plus $188/week                                                             $288               $526                $764

10 - Base plus $423/ week                                                            $523               $996                $1469

Non-Member Rental examples

# Booths (connected end walls) for………………………1 week           2 weeks         3 weeks

1   - Base Package                                                                             $150               $250               $350

5 -   Base plus $376 /week                                                             $526               $1002             $1478

10 - Base plus $846/ week                                                             $996                $1942            $2888

Above Calculations include equipment pieces required for booth(s) constructed with connected end-walls, and are for example purposes only. See calculation formula below.

I booth requires 7 panels & 2 T-legs. Optional is 1 basket-shelf and 30 hooks (3 pkg. of 10)

5 booths require 31 panels & 10 T-legs. Optional is 5 baskets- shelves, 150 hooks (15 pkg. of 10)

10 booths require 61 panels & 20 legs. Optional is 10 baskets/ shelves, 300 hooks (30 pkg. of 10)

Formula to Calculate Costs above Base Package, and for Longer Rental Periods

1. Subtract the number of pieces provided in the Base Package from the total number that you need

3. Multiply that remainder by the rate per piece, and then by the number of weeks to be rented

4.  Do that for each piece and add subtotals together

6. Add the Base Package rate for that rental period for total rental cost