Code of Practice

Photo by Lauren Judge of ceramics by Natalie Prevost

Photo by Lauren Judge of ceramics by Natalie Prevost

Invest in change, invest in yourself. Together we're stronger!

A code is a set of standards agreed on by a group of people who do a particular job, not describing how things are done, but how they should be done.

Art$Pay is intended to be developed as a tool for the negotiation of contracts, agreements and entry conditions, to explain business protocols  and procedures, build relationships and trust across sectors, establish standards and support professionalization in the visual arts sector.

Artists are generous and that can create a dilemma. Volunteering and donating should be personal choices. Giving it away for free, hanging it for free, however undermines efforts to establish value and to educate that art is a business, and those workers deserve to be paid fairly for their skills and work.

Help build it out. Offer suggestions, constructive criticism and content. Tell us about your needs. Make Art$Pay you own.

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