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Are you a visual arts practitioner living or practicing in Waterloo Region? Then this Directory is for you!

Step One: Send one high quality jpg image which best represents your work to . (This form does not permit attachments unfortunately.)

Step Two: Complete the form below and click on Submit! Within days Art$Pay will reply along with an invoice for the small annual fee of $30.

For promotional purposes only, Art$Pay may post information from the Artist Statement as found on your website. If your Curriculum Vitae is not available on your website, please send it to

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Art$Pay lists visual arts practices in two categories. Your practice belongs in the Professional category if you can say yes to all four main criteria below:

  • Receive payment for your work. Do you sell your work? Do you charge admission to see your work? Do you receive compensation for your work, for exhibiting? You don’t have to be making a living solely from your art, but you seek and receive income from it.
  • Have shown your work in public; in juried group and solo exhibitions. Other arts practitioners with a professional practice and doing similar work see you as a peer. If you are a student, you are not considered a professional artist yet (some exceptions apply. See below).
  • Have completed basic training (formal or informal) in your field(s). You have finished school (or workshops, courses, mentorship, etc.) in your field, or you are self-taught, and are now practicing your art for the long term.
  • Have spent a significant amount of time practicing your art. You have experience as an artist. Experience can mean lots of things. For example, you have been painting for a few years. If you can talk about your practice, your art and your personal approach, you are probably an experienced artist.