Benefits for Artists & Curators

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Listing on Art$Pay is an investment in yourself, and in a healthier, stronger future for our visual arts community. Art$Pay (AP) is an artist-run, non-profit organization with this mission …

Art$Pay connects visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocates for fair pay

Everyone who works on this project gets paid. The annual member fee for visual arts practitioners is just $35. That fee pays another practitioner to post your profile on-line, maintain communications, project administration, social media and the website. 

Visit  frequently. You’ll be amazed at the helpful information there!

BENEFITS for listed members include …

The Art$Pay Discount Card
Recoup the annual fee with discounts at participating retailers and organizations such as Curry’s Art Supplies, Waterloo Chapters, THEMUSEUM and more.

Shows & Sales
Exhibit and sell your artwork in AP juried exhibitions
Organize your own group exhibition for AP artists with help, support and the AP portable art display system 

Art Display System
Priority access to the portable art display system and lighting at low member rental rates. More information will be available soon.

Jobs, Calls & Residencies
•    The MARKETPLACE is a place to find posted work opportunities with suggested fee guides, example contracts and models for easier business transactions
•    List your art and your Skills & Services in the Directory, another way to generate income
•    New – it’s a place for the public to find practitioners and post jobs for the visual arts. Directory postings are linked to your website & contact information
•    Exhibitions & art rental opportunities are organized by AP, a free service provided on behalf of members. In 2018 that will include 3 shows plus the annual at the Walper Hotel, and AP rented art displayed and promoted at the Centre in the Square

•    The actively marketed website is a new regional visual arts resource, making it easier to find art, artists & information
•    Art$Pay artists, their art, skills & services are marketed to business, technology, manufacturing and industry, making connections to new markets & opportunities

•    Develop new audience and consumers beyond your own network
•    Each Visual Arts Practitioner has multiple listings in the Directory; by medium, style, skills, practice level, Skills & Services offered
•    The Featured Arts Practitioner, a biweekly posting on the homepage, introduces you and your practice in more detail
•    The Calendar of Visual Arts Events provides easy way to find your event and a reference to visual arts happenings around the region
•    Post to promote the workshops and classes that you teach
•    AP social media increases public awareness of you, of local talent and arts events

Monthly Meet-ups for the Visual Arts
•    Hear other AP artists talk about their work, or do your own presentation; learn more about making art, practicing as an artist, about each other’s practice
•    Expand your network and connections within the regional visual arts community at this and other AP social events

Private AP Facebook Group and Social Media
•    Join ‘How to & Where to Find it’ to access other AP arts practitioners for help, ideas, best arts resources & services, and more
•    AP social media helps you make new connections and audience 

Professional Development Opportunities
•    Art Critique Sessions - Get constructive feedback and suggestions on your work from a team of visual arts professionals; hosted by AP three to four times a year in local galleries; free to members
•    Workshops - AP organizes workshops to address member needs (i.e.; using a Square device for credit transactions), posts other opportunities being offered, and subsidizes member participation in some cases
•    Mentors are available! 

•    AP advocates and works on your behalf to educate the public on fair pay standards and doing business with our sector respectfully
•    Business transactions can be easier with this support system and sharing website information such as Suggested Fee Guides, Business Models, and Sample Agreements 
•    Art rental is just one solution being promoted and organized by AP for members, a better alternative to ‘free exposure’ by paying artists fair market art rent 

Free printed brochures & logo decals
Display the logo and share these materials to show your support for the AP mission, and to create a more supportive context for your own business negotiations 

•    This resource has info about setting up an arts practice, a show, running a business, fee guides, getting funding, best arts supplies sources & services, find studio space…too much to list!
•    The Calendar of Visual Arts Events for planning dates, promoting events and to find out what’s going on
•    Existing community services & resources, exhibitors, galleries and festivals are catalogued and linked
•    Visit soon … visit often!  

Artists: Get Listed … and help AP to help you!
•    Send us your info and events to post and share
•    Give feedback, make suggestions – what do you need?
•    Like the AP Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media handles to stay in the loop, and share postings about exciting local events and opportunities!
•    Promote AP - for yourself & for your colleagues

Contact Art$Pay  
Ioana Dragomir – Administrator
Cathy Farwell – Volunteer Manager

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