Art$Pay Benefits

Listing and posting on Art$Pay is an investment in yourself and in a healthier, stronger visual arts community.

For practitioners, benefits include better pay, professional development, access to jobs, calls, information, funders, exhibition opportunities, discounts, supplies and services, free marketing, peer support and advocacy, connections to new markets, income opportunities and more.

For the public, Art$Pay provides a new all-in-one resource to access local art, artists, skills and information. Art education and appreciation, guides to working together, buying art... it's all here!

The annual listing fee for visual arts practitioners is just $30. Just 8 cents a day pays another visual arts practitioner to work for you, to maintain the website, make updates, source info, answer enquiries, load content, print and distribute free materials like the postcards and logo decals, do marketing and promotions.

The benefits...


Every listed visual arts practitioner receives 10% discounts from participating retailers. 


  • Directory of Visual Arts Practitioners - multiple listings by medium, style, skills, and practice level
  • Calendar of Events - promote all of your exhibitions, sales, and events to new audiences
  • Featured Arts Practitioner - submit your listing to be part of this weekly homepage feature

Easy Access, Connections

  • Jobs, calls, requests for proposals - more opportunities, new sources of income
  • New markets, new way to generate income with your skills and training
  • Your website and contact information for others to find you
  • New audience beyond your own network
  • Existing community services and resources, catalogued and linked
  • Professional development - workshops, talks, lectures

Free Resources

  • 1 free Art$Pay logo decal to display on your studio door, car window, at your business 
  • 20 free copies of the Art$Pay postcard, suitable for use as a business card in negotiations

It's fun!

  • New monthly social meet-up for the visual arts on the second Tuesday of every month, from 7-10:30pm at Descendants Beer & Brewing Co. Starts December 13th, 2016.

It's for you, for all of us

  • Business transactions made easier with support and access to shared common knowledge
  • A better starting point for your own projects and negotiations using Art$Pay information
  • Advocacy, public awareness and education around fair pay, fee standards, business of doing art
  • Marketing Art$Pay to business, technology, manufacturing, industry and the general public