Call to AP members and other artists in the community - please share!
Due March 31st

True North Organizers are looking for art for these two locations (see attached) at LOT42 for their conference on June 19 & 20 from 9 to 5 PM. Last year 2500 people attended the conference hosted by Communitech. Two exterior art locations are quite large, and there may also be opportunities for dark space and other display areas inside.

The interest is in edgy, experimental work and materials, performance art, installations built on location, or existing work re-installed.

Access to the site begins Friday, June 14. The production people may be able to offer crews to help you, trucking, lifts, and project materials. An honorarium has been discussed by AP.

Tell them your idea and specify what you’d need to be able to do it!

Artistic Approach & Process - under 300 words that outline what is it, site and installation considerations, and any other important details

  1. Any limitations or requirements to do this work - equipment  with specifications, labor or other help required from the organizer

  2. Budget - all-inclusive project cost, honorarium, and budget breakdown

  3. Experience -  in doing this kind of work, working with these kind of materials

  4. Three (3) images of relevant artwork -  indicative of artistic style, with an image list by title and dimensions, for reference. 

  5. Your full name, contact info, link to your website

AP Members and Non-Members - please email and we’ll forward.