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Two adjacent houses at 52 and 56 Regina St. N. in Uptown Waterloo have been generously offered by HIP DEVELOPMENTS for Art$Pay to manage as visual art studios and exhibition spaces for 2, perhaps 3 years with future growth potential. This location is close to bus lines, cafes, restaurants, shops, art supply stores and more, with free parking behind 52 Regina St. and between the two houses.

Art$Pay (AP) is an artist-run non-profit initiative with a mission to connect regional visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocate for fair pay. Studio rents have been calculated to cover operating expenses, without profit for AP or HIP DEVELOPMENTS

This is a unique opportunity for visual art practitioners to lease studio space immersed within a community of peers, offering various opportunities for engagement. The intent is that selected artists will develop and expand their individual practices while playing a role in the artistic community, foster a community atmosphere and the exchange of ideas. The two buildings will be managed as one unit to facilitate this goal, with some amenities shared by all tenants, other AP members and the public.

TENANT ELIGIBILTY includes actively practicing professional visual artists, those who are developing a professional visual arts career, and fine arts graduate students. 

We welcome proposals from visual arts groups and cooperatives, and for alternate approaches or divisions of studio space for visual arts purposes which generate equal rent.

AP membership is required for all tenants prior to and during occupancy. AP members, including Supporting Members, will be given priority access to gallery and meeting spaces.

See to join AP as a visual artist, curator or Supporting Member, and for membership benefits.

Please see online floorplans for more detailed information.

  •  Shared open-concept studios at $200, $240 and $290 monthly for four, eight or twelve month terms, with a mutual option to renew

  • Private Studio Spaces at $450, $530 and $600 monthly for a twelve month term, with a mutual option to renew

 It is also possible to share designated private studios and to rent connected shared open-concept spaces as a private studio. AP will install temporary dividers and consider alternate spatial arrangements however rental rates by space are non-negotiable and have been calculated to cover operating expenses.

Regretfully these old buildings are non-accessible.

For available studios send inquiries to

The rental fee includes all utilities, taxes, free parking, access to common spaces with kitchenette and washroom, keyed tenant access, locked storage for art materials, basement clean-up sinks & storage for larger items.

Each tenant may exhibit their artwork for 2 weeks free of charge in the 56 Regina St. window gallery during their tenancy. Details and sign-up instructions will be provided in communications to successful applicants. Tenants also have priority access to the larger exhibition spaces with a ‘pay what you can’ or low rental fee model. The larger space is suitable for group exhibitions, pop-ups, sales, workshops, meetings for about 35-40 seated people, and more.

Some of the AP portable art display system will be stored on-site, to facilitate exterior events in paved parking lots.


Applicants will be notified by email. Tenant inclusion is based on submitted material, anticipated benefit and contribution to the studio environment, and practical considerations regarding their proposed use of the rented studio space.

Certain processes and forms of production, materials and hardware (especially use of aerosols, and creation of dust or substantial noise) are not well suited to this context. This location is not suitable for making artwork that involves open flame, kilns, strong fumes including encaustic work, loud noise, music, machinery or heavy power uses, are pet and smoke-free premises. More information will be posted on the AP website about materials that are safe environmentally.

Conditions affecting other tenants’ health, use and enjoyment of their space including loud music and noises, harmful fumes and substances are prohibited and may be grounds for lease termination. AP approval is needed first for all exceptions.The use of this space is intended for art production and related activities. Drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs and illegal activities are grounds for lease termination. AP approval is needed first for all exceptions.

Tenants are asked to donate an hour or two per month to help out by sitting gallery exhibitions. Periodically tenants’ meeting are planned to discuss items of mutual interest and for tenants to meet.

Studios are rented ‘as is’. The tenant may, at their own cost, personalize their studio with paint, drapes, lighting, window coverings etc. The landlord is not concerned about paint etc. on floors and carpets or holes in walls in your studio area. Baseboard heaters and cooking in the studio areas is prohibited. Changes for common areas must be approved in advance by AP.

Before occupancy, a signed rental agreement will be required with post-dated cheques for each month of the leased term; cash or bank transfers are not possible.
Subletting or unauthorized sharing of studio space is not permitted.
In the event of an early lease termination by either party, the tenant is required to pay rent until AP finds a replacement tenant.
If a private studio is to be shared, AP requires contact information for all tenants and one tenant to be designated on the lease as the responsible party.
Studio hours are flexible. Keys are for tenants’ use only, may not be reproduced or shared for safety and security

Building maintenance includes cleaning and repairs in common areas, snow and grass services, general building repairs & maintenance, and general building heat controls.
There is no access to attics, or the second floor roof patio at 56 Regina St. N.
The main floor washroom at 56 Regina St. is public use by both buildings.
One vehicle per tenant for free parking.
Tenants are responsible for clearing food, garbage and dirty dishes which can attract animals.
Designated storage in basements is at your own risk and humidity must be considered.
Studios are not furnished.

To apply for studio space, please fill out the following form.

Full Name *
Full Name
Managing Discount *
A reduced or free rent is available for tenants interested in maintaining common spaces or to manage the properties. Please indicate your interest here
Include 5-10 good quality jpg images of recent artwork in a shared folder on Dropbox, Google Drive or another file-sharing service and provide a link here. Images must be numbered correctly and correspond correctly to those in your image list: Image Number_ LastName (ex 01_Dragomir) Please also include a current CV or a relatable artistic history; a 300 word combined biography and artist statement describing your visual arts education, exhibition & sales history, and recent visual art practice