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1. Nov 22, 2017 - Art$Pay is 1 year old today!
Nov 30, 2017 - Expression of Interest - AP Photography & Digital Media Show?
Dec 15, 2017 - Professional Development Workshops for Artists at Cambridge Art Galleries
Dec 20, 2017 - Jan 2018: Annual Fee Increase for New Members
 Dec 21, 2017 - Santa came early!
 Jan 8, 2018  -   AP Art Rental & Centre in the Square Details!
Jan 12, 2018 -  January Renewals for AP Memberships Starting!
Jan 12, 2018 -  New! ArtsPay Supporting Memberships with Benefits
Jan 12, 2018  -  AP Display Equipment Rental Info - Optional Feedback by Jan. 19
Jan 12, 2018  - And finally ... what's going on with CITS Art Rental & AP Shows?
11. Feb 5, 2018 - Art Rental & The CITS Update
Feb 11, 2018 - AP Membership, Fees & Commissions, Opportunities & Fair Pay
March 2, 2018 - How to Submit Images to AP Exhibitions!
15. March 11, 2018 - Distillation Exhibition - what kind of subject matter can be submitted?
16. March 11, 2018 - Mar. 23 Submissions Deadline for Rock, Paper, Scissors - Eligible Artwork?
17. March 15, 2018 - Call for Submissions - Art Rental - The Centre in the Square
18. March 15, 2018 - Art Rental - Is Your Website Ready?
March 19, 2018 - Distillation - *New* Added Perks & Submission Deadline April 20 end of day
March 28, 2018 - ArtsPay News: Fees, Shows, Workshops + More!
April 14, 2018 - Art$Pay Admin Change Notice
22. April 23, 3018 - News, Calls & Important Dates!
May 31, 2018 - Important Date
24. June 30, 2018 - Help Grow ArtsPay
July 22, 2018 - Important Fall 2018 Dates
Nov 20, 2018 - ArtsPay Advocacy featured in the Woolwich Observer
Dec 21, 2018 - Important 2019 Dates

1. Nov 22nd, 2017 - Art$Pay is 1 year old today!


Huge kudos and thanks to everyone involved, to everyone who has contributed.
ArtsPay now has an official mission, thanks to the Steering Committee …

Art$Pay connects visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocates for fair pay.

Attached is the Art$Pay members’ annual report, a summary of developments to date around that mission, and some plans for 2018.


2. Nov 30, 2017 - Expression of Interest - AP Photography & Digital Media Show?

I met with Amy Ross, Economic Development, City of Waterloo earlier this week to discuss sponsorship for an AP photography and digital media exhibition. I was encouraged to put that application in this week to help cover costs of lighting. I'm researching the feasibility of ArtsPay buying portable art lighting for member use.  

Amy is enthused about Art$Pay, loved the idea of an exhibitions focusing on these mediums in particular, suggested that we approach Shopify or Communitech for their new facility by the WPL as venues with her help, and look at dates when they already have something big going on. 

There are 25 ArtsPay artists working in these mediums. This email is to ask for a non-binding expression of interest only, to know if planning should continue - just a simple  yes or no is fine.  Most details are still unknown.

  • Late Feb / March 2018 exhibition

  • Professional paid to jury submissions & curate display

  • Venue somewhere in downtown Waterloo

  • Small artist fee ($50 or less) to cover Curation, moving and set-up of display system, with 20% commission on sales back to AP

  • Artists present at some reception, or piggyback on another event

  • Exhibition stays up for some period without artist presence - TBA

Also in the works are juried AP exhibitions in the spring at other locations for abstract art, and for works in clay, paper and fiber.


3. Dec 15, 2017 - Professional Development Workshops for Artists at Cambridge Art Galleries

Take Advantage of these Professional Development Opportunities!

ArtsPay will subsidize AP members by reimbursing/paying half of the workshop fee if they complete any of the following workshops, or up to the $30 if they complete all 3. Please email for the discount code.

Location: 1 North Square, Cambridge (Downtown Galt)
The building is the Idea Exchange public library + gallery, with free parking up to 2 hours.

1- How to Prepare an Artist Portfolio

2- Grant Application Workshop

3- Artist Talk Workshop


4. Dec 20, 2017 - Jan 2018: Annual Fee Increase for New Members

As of Jan. 2018 the annual fee for new members goes to $35 so if you are not listed on ArtsPay, take 5 minutes and click here

This annual fee covers the administrative labor it takes to launch listings online, generate up-to-date content on the website, and maintain communications with over 80 member artists. Share this notice with someone you know who is considering!

Benefits include:
·         AP Discount Card to recoup that fee at Curry’s Artists Supplies, Waterloo Chapters and  other participating retailers
·         Critiques with professional curators
·         Exhibitions and Art Rental programs organized by AP, curated and juried
·         Access to the free-standing art display system for personal use with a small fee

Note that renewals for AP members listed by Dec. 31, 2017 will still be $30 in 2018.


5. Dec 21, 2017 - Santa came early!

More good news! Art$Pay will receive sponsorship funds from The City of Waterloo to buy portable art lighting in preparation for a 2018 show in Waterloo! 

Anyone know a good source to purchase these LED clip-ons? I have the requirements, passed on from Liteme who lit the BOX and Walper shows.

This lighting will be available to AP members in 2018 as part of the display system rental. Thanks to all who provide suggestions on that topic. A draft agreement and rates are under final review, with that info coming to you early in Jan.

Planning is continuing for three 2018 juried AP shows that will focus on specific mediums and the Nov. annual, targeted for the Nov. 9 & 10 weekend; see attached annual AP Members' Report. More details also  in the new year.

Also in the works  - a Spring Critique Session for AP members in Cambridge and the Wed. Jan. 24 Meet-up with a focus on portraiture- contemporary and traditional.

The Centre in the Square (CITS)  art rental program is almost finalized, thanks to Debbie Currie and Suzanne Luke. Dates and budget are set, specific locations for art measured and AP signage & promotions are being planned. Suzanne will curate this first display from artists listed in AP Skills & Services "Art for Rent". No applications or additional action from artists is necessary. The first year looks like this:

Install January 29th & 30th  for January 31st start date – tear down June 28th & 29th (artists will be paid for 5 months)
Wall repair in July
Install July 30th & 31st for August 1st start date – tear down December 30th  & January 2nd (artists will be paid for 5 months)

Best of the Season & Happy Holidays to everyone!


6. Jan 8, 2018  - AP Art Rental & Centre in the Square Details!

A new year-  things are off to a great start and picking up speed.

Almost 90 practitioners are now listed with AP. The planning for a new AP membership group, for organizations and non-artist individual supporters is almost complete. The City of Waterloo 2018 sponsorship will permit AP to buy portable art lighting, available to rent as part of our art display system. The revised rental contract just came back today and will be out soon with rates.

A  new heading Art Rental has just been posted under Directory at . This resource has general information about art rental for artists and for clients, including rationale, fees, guidelines, and a sample agreement. That info won’t be repeated here. Below are CITS specifics in answer to member questions.

The Centre in the Square (CITS), as with WalterFedy, is being promoted by AP as a positive role model in demonstrating a better alternative to free exposure by paying artists ‘fair market’ art rent. Fair compensation is an AP focus for 2018 through public education and encouragement to move to these fair and more respectful business arrangements.

Details of the CITS program:
·         AP art is professionally curated and installed
·         AP art practitioners involved will be paid CARFAC Fees
·         Two rental periods annually, each 5 months long
·         Artists will be paid 4% of total value per work per month for 5 months
·         Artwork labels posted, will include artist contact info and if art is for sale
·         AP & artists will be  promoted through signage and viewing of the AP video to CITS audiences when possible

Suzanne Luke, Curator for the Robert Langen Gallery, is now reviewing art  for installation at the CITS by the end of Jan. 2018. Only the art of those artists listed under Art for Rent in Skills & Services will be considered. Artwork may be for sale or not.

Suzanne will make direct contact with artists for work to be displayed on selected walls at the CITS. Artists do nothing by way of application. This CITS program is planned to be on-going and not all of the many artists listed will have work chosen for each rental period, or work suitable for these spaces.  

The CITS does not take commissions, and is not involved in sales transactions or other exhibition planning; all of which must happen outside of the CITS rental contract and be subsequent to it. The CITS- AP Artist Agreement and rental payment arrangements will be made directly with the involved artists, not AP. Payment details will be included in the CITS Agreement, along with insurance and security considerations. I have asked  the CITS to have that Agreement ready for review by artists before asking for a commitment.

Finally a  reminder – just because you’re listed as offering a Skill & Service,  doesn’t mean you have to accept an offer.
Hope that clarifies things!


7. Jan 12, 2018 -  January Renewals for AP Memberships Starting!

Dear ArtsPay Member,
Almost 90 local visual arts practitioners have listed on AP over this first year, evidence of our common need for more opportunities with fair payment.

A strong membership is critical for the larger community to pay serious attention as AP begins 2018 with heightened visibility around these mission objectives.

In appreciation of your confidence and support this first year, the 2018 annual fee for you and other founding members will be held at $30.

AP is an artist-run, non-profit organization and everyone who works on this project gets paid. Your membership fee pays another AP practitioner to do the administrative work around your communications, website and social postings.  

AP membership begins when payment is received, after which you’ll be emailed a new updated Discount Card with the next membership expiry date. Use this card to help recoup the fee with discounts at Curry’s Artist Supplies, Waterloo Chapters, Open Sesame, Cambridge Art Gallery, THEMUSEUM and more.

The updated Benefits for Artists & Curators is attached and your Paypal invoice for membership will follow. If you prefer to pay by cheque, please mail to:
c/o Cathy Farwell, Art$Pay Manager
Suite 106, The Courtyard @ Bonnie Stuart
141 Whitney Place, Kitchener, ON. N2G 2X8

ANY CHANGES TO YOUR LISTING? These changes to your listings may happen anytime.

1.     Art Image - change it once anytime during a membership year with a new 1 MB hi res image
2.     Directory Listings - use the Artists: Get Listed Form to update your listings in Mediums, Styles, and Skills & ServicesNew categories have been added. Important - to be listed in any category, your CV or background history should show evidence of experience & proficiency.
3.     Practice Category Level - See revised criteria for a Professional Practice
4.     Current CV - if not on your website. If you need to write one yet- click here!
5.     Logo decals, brochures needed? Contact AP to get them to you, or pick them up at Meet-ups.

AP PROGRESS & DEVELOPMENTS 2017- What a first year!

·         Lots of great news is summarized in the attached Members Annual Report 2017
·         If you haven’t visited the website recently, you’ll be amazed at all of the new info!
·         Visit the MARKETPLACE frequently to view Calls & Jobs, screened for artist compensation
·         Visit the CALENDAR for info and for planning. Revisions - problematic! - still in the works
·         Send AP info about your events, workshops & classes for posting
·         Find group emails, posted for reference, under ABOUT, under ARTSPAY NEWS & UPDATES
·         Join the Private AP FaceBook Group; also a place to ask for help or to borrow things!

HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2018 - See the attached updated Benefits for Artists & Curators for more info!

·         Fair Compensation Campaign - The Centre in the Square-AP Art Rental Program launches this campaign by demonstrating one alternative to free exposure, by paying artists ‘fair market’ art rent

·         Two New AP Membership Categories- Professional Curators and Supporting Members with BenefitsCambridge Art Galleries was the first to approach AP to join! More invitations go out soon.

·         Art Rental - Just posted, this new Directory webpage has background info, two community example programs and a sample Agreement. AP will help plan a custom solution if of benefit to members

·         Exhibitions - Three juried AP exhibitions are in the works for 2018, plus the annual November show - all with easier artist involvement!  Info yet to come, as plans develop

·         Art Display System - access the AP art display system for your own shows at a low member rental rate. With the City of Waterloo sponsorship that will soon also include art lighting and maybe easels in the future? More info emailed and posted soon in ABOUT, under Display System Rental

·         Professional Development – Opportunities include a spring Critique Session with a panel of professional curators, and subsidized workshops; both at Cambridge Art Galleries

·         AP Incorporation, Board and Volunteer Committees – Planned for this spring so give some thought about how you might get involved to help to build a better AP

A Survey? It’s so important to hear what works for members and what doesn’t to make changes yet surveys are rarely a ‘good fit’ for what you really want to say. Send your questions and suggestions on Art Critique Sessions, Meet-ups, the private Facebook Group, and Exhibitions and so on … anytime!

Your Successes? Please share, so AP can celebrate the incredible talent in Waterloo Region

Here’s to 2018 and another stellar year!


8. Jan 12, 2018 -  New! ArtsPay Supporting Memberships with Benefits

ArtsPay Supporting Members - Group & Individual  is a new member category with benefits; intended for those who may not be visual art practitioners but are in support of the AP work and mission ... "ArtsPay connect visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocates for fair pay"

This new membership category is an important component of the 2018 fair compensation campaign; developing a larger network and audience - building a group of amplifiers and champions.  

Idea Exchange (Cambridge Art Galleries) is the first new Supporting Member! Already some lovely benefits for AP members are being developed as a result of collaborations.

Membership invitations will go out soon to other organizations, businesses and individuals, including those on the AP mailing list The annual fee is just $50 and one of the prime benefits is that member rates apply when renting the display equipment. An email coming about that next!

Check out the new Memberships and update associated Benefits for each category under SUPPORT at

Spread the news and encourage your contacts to become an AP member!


9. Jan 12, 2018  -  AP Display Equipment Rental Info - Optional Feedback by Jan. 19

It's complicated to keep things simple ....  but it's simpler that it looks!

Attached are the final drafts of Rates and the Agreement. Thanks again to those artists I contacted who took time to offer helpful opinions and info.

Every AP Member has an opportunity now to review the drafts from their own unique perspective, before the final versions with pictures of the equipment are posted on the website. This will happen following the requested Jan.19 deadline for feedback. 

Some background info:

AP cannot officially own this equipment, or insure it. Until incorporation, AP exists only under the umbrella of our Charity Sponsor, Createscape Waterloo Region (CWR) who, by the way, are a small group of amazing talented volunteers without whom neither BOX or AP would exist. You'll see the CWR name in the attached Agreement. AP funds bought the equipment and we have a written agreement with CWR that it is for our sole use and management.  

An earlier email today announced a new AP membership category "Supporting Members - Group & Individuals" with associated benefits, one of which is member rates when renting the display system. A portion of the system will always be held back for artist member rental use and when a large amount of equipment is involved, it can be reserved with a deposit. This new membership category was developed for many reasons, but in part to simplify rental for AP artist members' organizations and to make it cheaper for them to rent as Supporting Members.   

The purpose in AP owning and renting this equipment is to facilitate more arts events, make it easier for AP artists to do whatever, to generate a source of revenue for AP events and activities, and to pay an AP member to administer this rental program. Please let me know if you're interested. 

This equipment is not available to rent locally to my knowledge. The nearest sources I found are in Toronto and involve hefty delivery charges plus much higher rates. Two different suppliers, for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Riverdale Art Walk, both charge $15 per 6' high panel (AP panels are 8' tall) for 2-3 days. The company AP purchased from charge $19 per 8' panel, plus delivery and pick-up.

It made sense to go with 'weekly-only' rates based on artist feedback and thinking about the practicalities of additional rate breakdowns, organizing pick-up and drop-off to suit both parties and crunching numbers. Reasonable arrangements can be more easily made within a week, whether equipment is needed for 3 or the whole 7 days. One thing not yet included is a required minimum advance notice.

Still looking! The most promising portable art lighting idea forwarded by the CITS crew, to be purchased as part of this system, didn't pan out when I saw it.  Suggestions would be appreciated. That's why the lighting isn't included here yet.


10. Jan 12, 2018  - And finally ... what's going on with CITS Art Rental & AP Shows?

CITS Art Rental
Update - I learned yesterday that Suzanne Luke, Curator will email selected artists listed in the "Art for Rent" category beginning Monday, with the CITS Agreement attached for review. Install is still planned for Jan. 29 & 30.  More CITS program details on

AP 2018 Juried Shows
Three are being planned in addition to the annual on Nov. 9 & 10.

No Calls have gone out yet. Still hard at work lining up jurors, venues, and available dates for both for:

"Photography" - April in Waterloo- a novel approach is being considered!

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" - May in Cambridge - art works in clay, sculpture, printmaking, drawings, fiber arts 

"Abstract Art Only" - shows in KW and again in Guelph,  for AP &  Wellington County artists, date TBA,  after late April when the Curator returns from the south!

Busy, Busy...

AP now has over 90 members listed! The first part of Jan. has been crazy busy posting new members, updating the website, planning the CITS art rental program and display equipment rental, developing new and revising existing Memberships, Benefits, Discount Cards, Invoices; organizing for tax receipts, the Meet-up Talk speakers and the letter to accompany membership renewal with invoice.

Renewals happen one year from when you last paid your membership fee. Admin has created a spread-sheet of when those occur during the year, and will email you with all necessary info and invoice. The updated "Benefits for Artist & Curators", including new participants on the Discount Card, apply to every member now. See the website for details.  

Communications and website postings may be a little slower for the rest of Jan. while the renewals and 2017 tax receipts are processed. Thanks in advance for your patience.

11. Feb 5, 2018 - Art Rental & The CITS Update

Now Installed! … Ten AP members benefitted from this first 5 month art rental period, and will be paid according to Carfac fee schedules. To work within the CITS budget, these 8 AP artists’ work is now on display, selected by AP Curator Suzanne Luke and installed by James Nye:

  • Anne Filiatrault

  • Jane Hamilton

  • Joe Martz

  • James Nye

  • Nancy Peng

  • Michelle Purchase

  • Laurie Wonfor Nolan

  • Mark Yungblut

Debbie Currie was the driving force behind creating this project with the CITS so a huge thanks to her, The CITS board and Rob Sonoda for their confidence in partnering with AP, and most importantly for caring about artists getting paid fairly.

AP Promotions  The CITS has signage mounted by each artwork to explain ArtsPay and the art rental program, so that other interested people can find you. Each artist’s own contact info is on the art labels for sales enquiries.  These do not come through the CITS or AP but go directly to you.

The AP video will run before The CITS performances like the Electric Thursday and the National Geographic series. AP has a new flyer being designed to outline benefits of art rental & membership, and these will be made available around the CITS.

Websites … Suzanne and Debbie suggested making your website better for potential clients to navigate for these purposes, so that a visitor can tell what artwork is available for sale or rent, the price, dimensions, if framed or unframed.  They reported that some artists’ websites were an obstacle to participation.

Invoices and Rental Agreements … The CITS and other rental clients will expect invoices and rental agreements. A sample invoice is available at and a generic version of The CITS rental agreement will be posted soon, in addition to the simple one already on-line.

Planning for the next CITS Art Rental Period … Installation for the next period begins July 30 with teardown beginning Dec. 30, 2018

A Call … watch for this in a month or so if you’re interested in having your work considered for the next five month rental period. You can begin getting ready anytime. You’ll need to submit good jpg images of available work, dimensions, the all-inclusive price, and if the work is framed or unframed. The Curator will select from those submissions only.

This first time through we learned and can now streamline the process to be more efficient, to include all of the info with more advance notification for artists. The Call will also include the schedule for submissions, delivery & pick-up and the Artist Agreement. Work selected must be delivered exhibition-ready.

AP Commission… I forgot to include this info for the first CITS rental period!  For future, if rented work sells, results in a sale or a commission for up to 30 days following the tear-down, 20% commission comes to AP to help pay it forward!  All rental income goes to the artist.



A unique AP juried photography performance exhibition is happening on Saturday May 26 at CIGI, the Centre for International Governance Innovation, on Erb St. in Waterloo.

Distillation - The Essence of Waterloo is being sponsored by the City of Waterloo and in partnership with CIGI.

Selected AP photographers will have work relevant to the exhibition title projected in the CIGI auditorium accompanied by a paired sound artist's performance, with opportunities to sell prints following the two same-day exhibitions. Prints and framed work are not required for participation.

Applicants must be paid-up AP Members by submission deadline April 15 so lots of time to join.

The attached 'Call for Submissions' has all of the details, for applicants and audience. AP Members will be notified when tickets go on sale.

Please share.

13. Feb 11, 2018 - AP Membership, Fees & Commissions, Opportunities & Fair Pay

Hopefully this summary might add some clarity about AP juried exhibition opportunities.

ArtsPay is ... you, me, other artists, curators and supporters, with a mission to “connect visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocate for fair pay". AP is non-profit and artist-run.

ArtsPay is not ... publicly funded or a for-profit arts organization.

The Member Annual Fee
This does not fully cover the time involved in listing your practice on the website and communications.
Member benefits have true dollar value and are most often free.

Grants & Funding  
AP isn’t eligible for regional Arts Fund money or consistent funding from the municipalities because AP is regional.
Project-specific grants through the KWCF launched AP and bought the display system.
Money for daily operating expenses and events has to be generated in other ways.

Sponsors & Donors
Without this help, much of what AP does for members would not be possible.
This usually involves an exchange of value however; time from AP to help with their initiatives.

Event Tickets & Commissions
This is an uncertain source of money, and why ‘paying it forward’ is critical for AP to continue work.
Money from the Walper show is being used to pay for the expenses of the upcoming events, and so on.

Event Expenses
Expenses involved in mounting different opportunities vary.
For example, among other expenses such as printing, promotions and jurors’ fees, the Walper lighting equipment and crew cost $4500. CIGI is donating the May 26th photography venue but AP pays for the AV staff, equipment rentals , sound accompanists and CIGI cleaning crew. In Galt moving the display and lighting will involves costs.  

AP works hard to organize and promote free intriguing opportunities for members to show and sell their work, and to connect to more opportunities.
With 90 members, not every opportunity will work for everyone, and not every submission made will be successful; the reality of any professional arts practice. Jurying AP exhibitions is important for continued growth, artist participation and audience development.
Free professional development opportunities offered include feedback on work at Critique Sessions.

Artist Fees
AP provides most opportunities to members for free, without requiring money for participation, and requests a small commission to ‘pay if forward’ only if sales or income happens as a result.
To mount events without an artist fee, sometimes participants’ help is needed; i.e. Walper display.

Exhibition Fees
AP Members are not paid to participate in Member Show & Sales, which are organized for their benefit.
Other local artist groups don't pay members to participate in members' shows to my knowledge, and usually fees are required to cover expenses.
Local photographers selected for Flash photography event were paid for image use but there were no other benefits, no sales opportunities or membership benefits involved to add value.
Looking for individual sponsorship might be something participating artists could investigate?

Fair Pay for work done includes the receipt of money and/or other things of ‘true’ value.
P pays money to members and other visual art practitioners to do work on behalf of the membership when there is no direct benefit or exchange of value involved for that person.

AP Member Exhibition - General Practices

  • Member applications to exhibitions are free of charge

  • Selected members pay nothing to participate in the event, or in special circumstances, a very small artist fee

  • AP covers all other event expenses

  • Participating artists pay 20% pre-tax on sales and commissions to help pay future event expenses

Happy to discuss, explore ways to be answer questions!

14. March 2, 2018 - How to Submit Images to AP Exhibitions!

Many events & exhibitions now request images be submitted digitally through online file sharing services. Attached below are tutorials if you need assistance with sharing folders of images through your own personal Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

Please note that outside jurors are now involved with both exhibitions and submissions dates are firm.  For submission requirements and eligibility on both shows: Distillation: The Essence of Waterloo and Rock, Paper, Scissors, please visit the calls for art & jobs page on the AP website.

Sharing files and folders with Dropbox
Sharing files and folders with Google Drive


15. March 11, 2018 - Distillation Exhibition - what kind of subject matter can be submitted?

Don’t think that topic limits you to the scenery of Waterloo! 

Distillation - The Essence of Waterloo is about the City of Waterloo, not the Region. The City of Waterloo is the Sponsor and CIGI the Partner for this AP Show & Sale.

Photographic images could be details or full shots, real or abstracted.

Images could include architecture & architectural details, entertainment, references to the past, to manufacturing and agricultural practices, the history, places of significance and your favourite or hidden places.

Capture public art of significance, the diverse people who live and work here, festivals, places people go to recreate, play, drink and eat, famous names or places, educational institutions, new technologies, evidence of inclusivity, immigration and diverse religious backgrounds, social policies …you get the idea!  

The Essence - that which is distilled out to be of importance and interest to you as an artist about this city.


16. March 11, 2018 - Mar. 23 Submissions Deadline for Rock, Paper, Scissors - Eligible Artwork?

Deadline to submit - Fri. Mar 23 by 5:30 pm - Call attached!
The main component (or combination) of the artwork should be relevant to the title Rock, Paper, Scissor - ask at if unsure.

Eligible works includes:  

  • Cement & cementitious materials - sculpture, wall pieces

  • Clay - sculpture, wall pieces

  • Drawings - graphite, ink, charcoal, conte, pastels...

  • Fabric artworks

  • Fiber artworks

  • Glass (Rocks) - sculpture, mosaics, wall pieces

  • Metals (Rocks) - sculpture, mosaics, wall pieces

  • Watercolors, acrylic paintings on paper

  • Paper artworks - cut-outs, Paper Mache, mosaics, decoupage, assemblages

  • Photographs

  • Prints

  • Rocks & Stone- sculpture, mosaics, wall pieces

  • Watercolors, acrylic paint on paper

Image Submission  - is loading your images to Dropbox, Google Drive or some other file-sharing device holding you back?
More submissions are being requested this way so it's a good thing to learn. Or if your email doesn't exceed 2 MB by too much, you can simply attach jpg images. 

17. March 15, 2018 - Call for Submissions - Art Rental - The Centre in the Square

Submission Deadline  - June 12, 2018
Artist Notification - July 3, 2018
For Rental Period  - July 30 to Dec. 30,  2018

New & improved!
The attached Call simplifies the selection process for a large rental project such as this.

Only artwork submitted by June 12  will be considered by the CITS for their next rental period. An AP artist may submit every time and the CITS will select their preferred art.

The CITS plan to do a press release soon about their art rental program with AP. This, and another pending program, will hopefully attract attention to AP Art Rental and to your own websites.

The next email has suggestions for artists from the CITS Curators to get your website working for you, not against you!

18. March 15, 2018 - Art Rental - Is Your Website Ready?

We promised in the AP video to "keep it simple!"

The CITS Curators found many AP artists' websites were a deterrent to working with that artist; were too difficult to navigate or too much work. If you want to be contacted to rent or sell your work, here are their suggestions:

1. Do your posted images have titles or numbers? Does a viewer have to communicate that it's the image in the third column, second from the left, or the yellow one?

2. Is there an indication that the work is available to buy, to rent, or not available so that people don’t get excited then disappointed? If you think that much text looks too invasive, develop some symbols or a separate website heading for Rental Art. Other ideas?

3. Are the important details near the image: dimensions, framed / unframed, price, what is 4% rent, does pricing include HST? You can set it up so those details only appear when hovering over or clicking on that image.

4. Is it easy to contact you from your website? I get many emails asking me to connect to artists through AP because it's not.

5. Make it easy and protect yourself! A good sample rental agreement based on the CITS one vetted to give the artists most protection has been posted in the Directory under Art Rental, along with formats for display signage and art labels. Offering these to a prospective client makes it so much easier for them and protects you.


19. March 19, 2018 - Distillation - *New* Added Perks & Submission Deadline April 20 end of da

*New*Submission Deadline – April 20 End of Day
What kind of photographic images can be submitted for Distillation – The Essence of Waterloo?

What interests you as a photographer?

Is it portraiture and people, landscapes or cityscapes, industrial details, history, architecture, iconic buildings or landmarks, favourite places, hidden places, residents’ activities, evidence of changes, of diversity, social issues, belonging…? 

Images can details or full shots, real or abstracted, relevant to The City of Waterloo, Sponsor.

In addition to having your work exhibited at the Centre for International Governance Innovation …

1.     A professional recording of the event will be given to each participating AP artist, for their personal use and career promotions.
2.     Opportunities to sell and rent your work, to promote your practice! There will be two receptions on May 26th, for the AP
artists, one after each performance at CIGI, published on posters & invites, with artists’ tables and refreshments provided by AP.
3.     The City of Waterloo and the CIGI will be inviting guests to this exhibition. Mayor Jaworsky will be making comments.
4.     AP is already planning additional exhibition opportunities for the Distillation body of work!
5.     Each participating AP photographer receives 3 free tickets for each performance.


20. March 28, 2018 - ArtsPay News: Fees, Shows, Workshops + More!

Is an AP email relevant to you … or not?The Subjects are carefully written so you’ll know right away whether to save or delete! It’s the simplest way to communicate to a large group with changing varied interests and needs.  

Annual Fees
Admin will send you a Paypal invoice when it’s time to renew … and to pay please! This small membership fee is what keeps the project going. Please contact Cathy to discuss payment problems. You can pay AP Paypal Invoices electronically via your bank, mail a cheque, or put a labeled envelope with cash or cheque under Cathy’s Globe studio door, Unit 1 - thank you!  

Contemporary Art Show
It was hoped this collaborative juried exhibition with Wellington County artists would happen this June. After looking at what else is going on in May & June in the visual arts, the cost and availability of venue spaces, it makes sense to delay this until early September.
The concept involves two exhibitions of the juried artwork, here and in Guelph, to help AP artists develop their network and audience. Will keep you posted.

The AP Annual Show
This show is planned for Nov. 9 & 10. The Walper regretfully is unable to host this year with their demand for paid bookings.  AP needs a venue if anyone has any ideas.

Join! Please encourage other regional artists to consider joining AP. There’s strength in numbers! The annual fee is for new members just $35 a year and the benefits far outweigh that small amount.

Local Workshops Link
2018 Regional List of Prospective Business Developing Programming for Creative Industries
This spreadsheet lists programming that is targeted to creative practitioners and aims to provide them with tools for building their career and/or business.
You can find this link on the Learn & Develop page under TOOLBOX on the website.

Akimbo Posts on AP – A Change
This is very time consuming work and artist members can sign up to receive this free, customizable newsletter service on their website. AP will leave the Akimbo link on the AP Jobs Board but will focus on local opportunities, jobs and Calls, with special notices for outside this area highlighted on AP social media.


21. April 14, 2018 - Art$Pay Admin Change Notice

Friday, April 20 will be the current Admin’s last full-time day before this talented, creative and hard-working ArtsPay Administrator / Communications/ Digital Coordinator/ Artist heads off on a working holiday.
With Admin's help, insights and numerous skills - many of them new! - AP has grown rapidly this past year in membership and complexity. I am very grateful to the current Admin for their support, enthusiasm and professionalism, and wish her every success with these new ventures.
Admin returns at the end of the month to support the new Admin in the role from April 31st - Aug. 31st August. I will be managing things until the new Admin begin so yes, communications will be slower and limited - thanks in advance for your patience!
Admin has kindly put in extra hours and we’ve done a lot of work to prepare in advance for this busy time. You’ll still see Admin’s pre-planned social media posts happening while they are away.
Over the summer, this role ‘with many hats’ will be reviewed, to better understand the skills and expertise needed to take AP forward.

22. April 23, 3018 - News, Calls & Important Dates!

AP is growing!  
We are 105 Artist & Curator Members plus 7 Supporting Members = 112 AP Members. Welcome new members!
May Meet-up for the Visual Arts
There's TONS of great stuff happening so we're going to skip this month.
Check out the Calendar at for May & June visual arts events
June 20 Meet-up - AP Social!
Wed. June 20 from 7-9 pm, hosted by The Centre in the Square in the main floor bar area
Free - bar and nibbles provided by our host
A casual affair - get acquainted, reacquainted and see the AP art rental program installed. Details coming
Upcoming Calls & Events – Save the dates! 'Calls' to come for the two fall events

  • May 4 & 5 - Rock, Paper, Scissors at 40 Main St. Galt. Fri 5-9pm & Sat.11-4pm. Free, donations only

  • May 26 - Distillation -The Essence of Waterloo AP Photography show at 1:30 & 7 pm performances. Visit the Eventbrite Page for info & to purchase tickets!

  • June 12 - Deadline for CITS Art Rental submissions; see

  • June 20 – Meet-up AP Social at the CITS from 7-9pm

  • Sept. 7 & 8 plus - 2 for 1! A contemporary art show in the CIGI Lobby with Wellington County artists, then a second two-day event for that juried art in a Guelph area venue on Sept. 21 & 22. Call coming

  • Sept. 21 & 22 - See above

  • Nov. 9 & 10 - AP Annual at Catalyst137, Glasgow St., Kitchener; Call coming

  • Feb. / Mar. - Venues and shows are being planned!

AP Display Equipment Rental
AP owns 700 feet of free standing gridwall display panels, for your summer show & events
Low AP member rental rates

I’m holding the fort until help arrives on April 31st. A new admin will take over the current admin's role for the summer. Invoicing, receipts, art rental submission processing, calendar postings will resume then.

23. May 31, 2018 - Important Dates

Next AP Meet-up – Just Social!  Wed. June 20 from 7-9 pm
Hosted by The Centre in the Square - main floor bar area
Free bar and apps provided by our host.
A casual affair - get acquainted, reacquainted and see the AP art rental program installed
*Watch for official invite to rsvp

Upcoming Calls & Events – Save the dates!

  • June 12 - Deadline for CITS Art Rental submissions; see

  • June 20 - Meet-up AP Social at the CITS from 7-9pm

  • June 27 - Submission Deadline for AP NOW! Art$Pay members and artists from Guelph, Wellington County are invited to submit for two successive exhibitions for the same body of juried artwork; Call attached.

  • Sept. 7 & 8 and Sept. 22 & 23 - AP NOW! in Waterloo then Guelph

  • Nov. 9 & 10 - AP Annual at Catalyst137, Glasgow St., Kitchener; Call coming for Sept.

  • Feb. / Mar. - Venues and shows are being planned!

AP Display Equipment Rental
AP owns 700 feet of free standing gridwall display panels, available for your summer show & events!
Low AP member rental rates
New Members - Welcome!
Please let AP know if anything needs further explanation after reading the linked info.
Lots of GREAT arts happenings this weekend with CAFKA , KWSA and more… see for details.

24. June 30, 2018 - Help Grow ArtsPay

Almost 120 Artist and Curator Members are now listed in the Art$Pay Directory!
ArtsPay (AP) is growing and changing in response to the needs of members and the community.
Additional volunteer strength and organizational structure is necessary to move the project forward.
The purpose of this email is to canvas AP Members and the AP mailing list for people willing to help in various ways. Please feel free to share with family, friends and anyone who might like to get involved.
Some AP and community members have already generously offered their help, thank you!

The goal is to have volunteer committees functioning in time for these 3 juried fall events:
- September 7 & 8 - AP NOW! in Waterloo
- September 22 & 23 - AP NOW! in Guelph
- November 9 & 10 – AP Member Annual Show at Catalyst 137
If you’d like to get involved and help, your reply to is requested by June 30, or as soon as possible. Please indicate any and all areas below that interest you, plus any limitations or suggestions. I’ll follow up to discuss in more detail after June 30.

Volunteer Roles
- Two meetings per year
- Most work done by email, some by phone
- One year commitment
- Signing up to help with 3. & 6. doesn’t mean being available for every event

1. Event Volunteers - art intake, art install, event set-up, refreshments, guest ticketing, greeters, photographic documentation
2. Event Organizers - monthly Meet-ups, quarterly Critique sessions, exhibitions & events with support
3. Volunteer Coordinator - recruitment and management
4. Curation - membership applications & requirements, image selection (experience required)
5. Finance - generate revenue through fundraising, grant-writing; secure sponsorships & donations
6. Promotions - distribution of promotional materials, on-line event listings, social media amplifiers
7. Development - increase membership (younger artists and their needs?), supporters, ambassadors & bloggers
8. Consultants – having legal, financial, marketing, website development expertise
9. Other help you might offer?
Currently AP pays for 5-7 hours administration time per week to help manage communications, directory listings, social media and the website with small membership fees. Since launch, AP has paid other listed practitioners for curation, jurying, mentoring, installation, critique sessions, administration, website, graphic design, managing display rental, consulting and image use. I volunteer my time and currently most event volunteers are my family and friends.

In the 18 months since ArtsPay began:
- Almost 120 artists & Curators are listed in the Directory
- All receive a Discount Card for art supplies and for other retailers’ goods and services
- Three exhibitions accomplished, three planned for this fall, two more in the hopper!
- Critique Sessions quarterly with paid experts at KWAG, RLG, CAG, and this fall at Clay & Glass
- Professional development opportunities subsidized for AP members at local galleries
- Monthly Meet-ups & Artist Talks at Open Sesame, for networking and career development
- Art rental arrangement with the Centre in the Square, helping other orgs to set up those programs
- Display equipment purchased for member use, making it easier to participate in shows
- Website is a maintained regional visual arts resource & includes a regional visual arts calendar
- Collaborations & connections made with arts groups, students, and other sectors
- Advocacy work & public education on paying artists fairly for their work
- Sponsorship, donors, partnerships with the Perimeter Development Corporation, The City of Kitchener, The City of Waterloo and CIGI among others

Art$Pay is an artist-run, non-profit organization connecting regional visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocating for fair pay

With many thanks,

Cathy Farwell
Art$Pay Manager

25. July 22, 2018 - Important Fall 2018 Dates

For your calendars! Details coming in August …

Fall Meet-ups for the Visual Arts, at Open Sesame, from 7-9 pm:
Wed. Sept. 26
Tues. Oct. 23
Thurs. Nov. 29

Critique Session for AP Members at the Clay and Glass Gallery - New AP Supporting Member!
Tues. Oct. 16 from 7- 9:30 pm

AP NOW! September 7 & 8 at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Waterloo
Friday September 7 - Opening Reception 6 - 9:30pm
Saturday September 8 - Show Continues 11 - 4pm

AP NOW! September 22 & 23 at the Wellington Brewery Warehouse, 510 Grosvenor Road, Guelph
Saturday September 22 - Opening Reception 6 - 9:30pm
Sunday September 23 - Show Continues 11 - 4pm

AP Member Annual Show
Friday November 9 - Opening Reception from 5 – 9:30pm
Saturday November 10 - Show continues from 11 - 4pm. 

25. Nov 20, 2018 - ArtsPay Advocacy Featured in the Woolwich Observer

Float and Glow

Faisal Ali, a reporter and photographer for the Woolwich Observer, wrote an article about ArtsPay's mission to promote and advocate fair pay for artists. The piece doubled as advertisement for the Annual Members Show and Sale and featured a work by Christina Preece.

Ali writes, "Farwell doesn’t just want to showcase the talents and creations of local artists, she wants those artists to be able to work and thrive in their communities. As an organization, Art$Pay tries to educate the public on the inherit value of art, as well as help artists find business opportunities within the region."

Read the rest of the article here! Do you have suggestions for future ArtsPay initiatives? Share with us as we celebrate our second birthday on Thursday Novemeber 22nd at Open Sesame. RSVP with your drink preference of red wine, white wine, beer, or a soft drink. Don't forget to let us know if you will be bringing any guests!

27. December 21, 2018 - Important 2019 Dates

Wallenstein Feed Supply (WFS) Art Rental Program – Watch for a third Call in Jan. If possible we’ll try to time it for after the WF Staff Picks notification.

 AP 2019 Calls for Submissions are posted at 

 The 2019 Monthly Meet-ups for the Visual Arts have not been announced for a very good reason! Open Sesame has been so kind but is unable to  continue hosting in 2019 so AP is looking for a new venue, one with chairs, a projector & screen and no or very low rent. Multiple enquiries to the Queen St. Commons Café & Fresh Grounds have been made without success. Suggestions are welcome. Ideas included the Princess Cinemas Gallery, KPL, KWAG…?
The January Meet-up will be held at WalterFedy , Queen St., Kitchener on Jan. 29 or 30 , to be confirmed, and is also an opportunity to see their art spaces which AP now programs, and  also the exhibition Interface hanging there now until Jan. 30.

The next AP Critique Session will be held on Feb. 6, 7 or 13 at UW with UWAG curator Ivan Jurakic & other UW staff; to be confirmed in early Jan. It will be a fast sign-up so that Ivan can help arrange other staff members experienced in the mediums being critiqued to be part of the critique team.

Important 2019 Dates:
Dec. 24 to Jan 7- AP on Holidays! No AP email
Early Jan. - Artist sign-up for AP Critique Session at UW in early Feb at UW
Jan 6 – Proposals due for Ayr School
Jan. 16 end of day - Submissions due for CITS Art Rental Program
Jan. 19 - Artist Notification for CITS Art Rental, with info about delivery & pick-up
Jan. 21 - Submissions due for WalterFedy (WF) show called WF Staff Picks
Jan. 28 - Artist Notification for WF Staff Picks through AP
Jan. 28 @ 6 pm- Submissions due for Waterloo Moves photography show
Jan. 29 & 30- Art Delivery for WF Staff Picks to WalterFedy
Jan. 29 or 30  - Meet-up for the Visual Arts at WalterFedy
Feb. 04 - Artist Notification for Waterloo Moves
Feb. 6, 7, 13 - Critique Session at UW with Ivan Jurakic & UW staff; to be confirmed early Jan.
Sat. Mar 2 - Waterloo Moves performance-based photography show sponsored by the City of Waterloo and in partnership with CIGI; afternoon & evening performances, one day only!

Happy Holidays!
Cathy & Ioana