Use this form to apply to use our galleries and meeting space at 52 and 56 Regina St. N. Waterloo, ON.

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Include event type or brief description; address, date(s) & times being requested; number of attendees expected. You may be asked for more details prior to approval. For Art Exhibitions applications please see additional requirements in the Overview document.


AP is just beginning management of the Regina St. properties. More details will be available soon and questions are appreciated. Both available spaces require modifications, additional furniture and equipment. Photos and floor plans with dimensions will be available soon.

56 Regina St. N. has a small window gallery facing Regina St., with additional display opportunities in the adjoining entry lobby. This space is suitable for small exhibitions, installations and facilitates the exhibition of innovative artwork. All Regina St. N. tenants are entitled to exhibit their work for free for two weeks in this gallery during their tenancy, subject to AP approval. This space receives direct sunlight so heat and light sensitivity should be considered.

 52 Regina St. N. has a larger well-lit main floor commercial gallery space with slat walls and hanging hardware, suitable for larger exhibitions, group shows, workshops, small conferences, sales of fine art & craft, meetings, Meet-ups, lectures, panel discussions, small gatherings, art documentation , book launches, poetry readings, acoustic music nights, visiting artists’ short term use, pop-up events and more. This main gallery can accommodate approximately 35-40 seated with some folding chairs provided. Exhibitions and other uses may happen concurrently.

 Applications & Proposals
Art$Pay welcomes applications and proposals now from collectives, artist groups, organizations and individual artists. AP Members and those events having a visual arts focus will be given first consideration.

  • All applications must be submitted at least 10 days in advance and approved by AP, with art exhibition applications as soon as possible.

  • Re-occurring events such as workshops and meetings are limited to one use per month at this time.

  • AP will accept booking requests for after November 1, 2019, however user terms, conditions and fees may change. Those details will be emailed by AP with a request for reconfirmation.

  • A booking calendar at will soon be created for planning purposes.

  • For operational simplicity a deposit will not be required Please do not apply until there is a 100% commitment to dates and times. With emergency-only exceptions, ‘no-shows’ or cancellations will be denied future access. 

  • These spaces are not available for processes or events that involve open flame, kilns, strong fumes including aerosols and encaustic work, the creation of dust, loud noise, amplified music, machinery or heavy power uses, exterior events involving alcohol; and are pet and smoke-free premises.

 Fees & Commissions
Use of these spaces involves a ‘pay what you can & what is fair’ approach.  Please consider that hard costs such as administration, maintenance, insurance, taxes etc. are involved for AP.
AP does not take commission for the sales of art unless the event is an organized AP Member event.

 Public Hours
Weekday events end by 10 pm, Friday & Saturday by 11 pm, with all attendees and belongings gone.
Access times and alternate arrangements are to be made with AP.

 Accessibility, Washrooms & Public Access
Unfortunately these old buildings are not wheelchair accessible.
A public washroom for both buildings is located off the entry lobby at 56 Regina St. N.
Users and their guests are asked to respect tenants’ privacy and rights to use of their space, and are prohibited from wandering the buildings.

Free parking is available for approximately 26 vehicles in two paved areas between and behind the buildings plus a city parking lot adjacent to 52 Regina St. N., other nearby lots and on-street parking.

 User Responsibilities
The person applying for the use of the space is responsible for the use of that space, their event & guests, and to arrange for supervising monitors to be present all times of the event.

  • As applicable, users are required to arrange for their own art installation & removal, additional furniture and equipment needs, set-up, receptions, food, drink, volunteers & help, promotions and sales processes.

  • If alcohol is to be served at receptions, users must obtain an LCBO “Special Occasion Permit” (SOP) which may take 10 days, and are required to abide by the rules and regulations of that permit by law.

  • All garbage and recycling is to be taken away immediately following the event, and the space returned to pre-event condition unless alternate arrangements are approved by AP. A checklist will be provided.

  • Arrangements for a key and $100 security deposit may be required. In the event of damages, theft or garbage left behind, that deposit will not be returned.

 Promotions for Visual Art Events
AP will promote visual arts events electronically and post on bookings calendar to be posted at Promotional material must be submitted to a minimum of 10 days in advance. A blog about Regina St. events is being planned. Both building have designated signage boards for posters.


  • If the application is approved, an exhibition contract will be emailed. A signed copy secures the space.

  • Exhibitions may be for one, two or four weeks. Longer uses are negotiable

  • Bookings begin and end on Mondays at 2pm.

  • Exhibitions may be open to public on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • The exhibitor makes arrangements for gallery sitters or monitors to be present whenever the exhibition is open to the public. The exhibitor should make those arrangements, perhaps reciprocal, with their own contacts first, then from a list of volunteers assembled by AP for this purpose only.

  • Exhibitors are required to arrange their own sales and art delivery processes. Sold art may not be left for pick-up.

  • At 52 Regina St. only the provided slat wall hanging hardware is to be used to install artwork; no nails, screws, or tape. Art labels and art signage in both buildings are to be mounted with Sticky Tac or Reusable Adhesive Putty; no tape, nails or tacks.

  • For 56 Regina St. in your proposal please describe how the work will be installed; subject to approval.

  • Insurance is currently being arranged. To be safe, the exhibitor should plan to insure their displayed artwork.

To complete your application, submit the form at the top of this page AND 

Email to with Subject: Application for Galleries - Meetings Spaces: 

1. A brief description of the proposed exhibition including
: a list of participating artists’ names, a description of the proposed work and medium(s) involved; any special installation, safety or security considerations, reception date(s), times and plans (if any), associated events, any interactive or exterior components.
For 56 Regina St. please describe how the work will be installed; subject to approval.

 2. Good quality jpg images of artwork that is representative of the artwork to be displayed:
3-5 images for individual applicants and 10 images for group applicants.
If the images exceed 2 MB, please upload the images to Dropbox, Google Drive or another file-sharing service and provide a link in the body of your submission email.
Images must be numbered correctly and correspond correctly to those in the image list:  Image Number_ LastName (ex 01_Dragomir)

 3. A corresponding image list with image number, title, date, medium, dimensions (inches)