Exhibition Types
•    Juried - Your work is submitted to the gallery and reviewed by a selected jury (a knowledgeable committee), your work will be accepted on the basis of technical skill, creativity, relevance to theme, and other requirements stated by the exhibition call. Jurors look for a well executed body of work that displays a level of creativity, artistic merit and professionalism. The visual aesthetics of quality frames, proper matting, hanging hardware/supports, and properly completed required support materials are also important.
•    Curated - A curator researches a theme or conceptual focus and selects works of art for exhibition. A curated show is a creative and intellectual process which sees the curator as authority on the title of the show, the placement of works in a gallery, and potentially producing an exhibition essay, catalog, or publication.
•    Solo - A solo show is an exhibition of a single artist's work. The work could be one medium or span various mediums.
•    Group - A group show is an exhibition with two or more artist's involved. Group shows can also exhibit the work of a "collective" artist group who work collaboratively or within shared studio spaces.

ArtsPay Submission Guidelines
Applications & Calls
Galleries, Exhibitions, Festivals, Events, Tours

•    Supports - types, uses, build or buy
•    A body of work defined  - What is a cohesive body of work?
•    Exhibition-ready defined  - Presentation, framing, hanging, installation.
•    Limited edition series defined - What is it? And how to sign your artwork.
•    Displaying artwork - light, heat, traffic, temperature
•    Documentation - importance of professional photography, record of materials, size, and sales.

Submitting Digital Images to Exhibitions
Many events & exhibitions now request images be submitted digitally through online file sharing services. Linked below are tutorials if you need assistance with sharing folders of images through your own personal Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.
•  Sharing files and folders with Dropbox
•  Sharing files and folders with Google Drive

Writing a CV, Biography & Artist Statement

Artwork Labels & Business Cards
·         How to Label an Artwork in an Exhibition
·         10 Creative Business Card Ideas for Fine Artists

Packaging, Shipping, Insurance -Couriers recommended by AP Artists to ship art, some breakable:
·         Purolator
·         FedEx - free boxes available if sizes will work for your art

Communications - websites, artist talks, meet the artist, talking to the public, marketing & promotions (instruction, resources, bloggers, media contacts, on using social media)

Organizing exhibitions, shows, tours, festivals, artist-run cooperatives, critique groups

CRA Rules, Tax Info - HST, Canada Revenue Rules- taxes and art income
·         Official Guide for Artists on Canada Business Ontario
·         Tax Deductions and Other Details That Artists in Canada Should Know
·        Accountants familiar in preparing Artists’ returns:
         Rockway Tax & Accounting