WalFedy Staff Picks

We are celebrating WalterFedy and their commitment to supporting local artists! For ArtsPay’s first art rental partnership with WalterFedy, we asked staff to choose their favourite works from AP member submissions. Want to see what they came up with? RSVP by Sunday April 21st to artshow@walterfedy.com and join us for the opening reception on April 24th. We’ll also be screening Dwight Storring’s documentary, Finding John Lingwood – an exploration into the architectural history of the KW region.

Also coming soon – WalterFedy and ArtsPay are working together to offer young curators opportunities to develop, source, and install their own exhibitions. We love art rental programs – the artist gets paid, and you get new work on your walls for a fraction of the price! If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at info@artspay.org

Image credit: Liz Skelton