Calls to Artists for Submissions or Applications

A 'Call' should contain all of the information the arts practitioner requires for their own business decision-making, and be posted will in advance of the submission deadline. That timing depends in part on the complexity of the Call, the work being requested, the caliber of submissions desired, distances involved and other factors. Mainly problems occur because of assumptions, uncertainties, or information not shared in time.

Once posted, the 'Call' becomes the guideline for all participants involved in the process. Inconsistencies in the information given, or the process used to select artists, or accepting submissions after deadlines art not respectful business practices.

Suggested Information

Name of venue or event: include other important details such as the event purpose, theme

Organization Name: logo, tag line

Work Media: a description of the work you're looking for; photographs, paintings, a curator, etc. Specifying what's not being considered is also helpful.

Work Requirements: includes the number of works to be selected from each submission, specific dimensions and weights if relevant. Think about getting the artwork into the space and displayed.

Arts Practitioner Requirements: number of participants to be included, time requirements, art installation, artist to be present at the event?

Submission Requirements: include an application fee, a completed application form with applicant's name, contact information and website, 5-10 digital images of current or relevant work presented in JPEG format with image size set to 300 dpi resolution, an artist resume including biography, educational background and exhibition record; a cover letter describing an  exhibition proposal if relevant, and details on how to submit the completed application package.

Event or Exhibition Timeline: include dates and times

Submission Deadline: date and time of day specified

Selection Process: how and when is the work being selected? Is there a committee who reviews submission requests? When and how often do they meet? Will selection happen in phases? What compensation is included in each phase?

Notification to All Applicants: How and when will applicants learn if their submission has or has not been accepted? All applicants should be notified in a timely manner to plan if their artwork and time is committed. Successful applicants receive a contract or agreement to sign, to be returned by a specified deadline. (See Business Guides, Contracts & Invoices)

Accepted Artwork: List requirements for the hanging or display; for example, are the easels, stands, display tables, linens and chairs provided? Include any special display conditions; ie. exterior display location, the amount of wall space available to each participant, the hanging system, and who is setting up the work.

Work Delivery: Location, address, date(s), time(s), contact name and info if different from above.

Reception: Location, address, date(s), time(s), what's included, any costs

Exhibit or Event End Date & Time

Artwork Pickup: date(s), time(s) work must be removed

Publicity: describe how the event or exhibit will be publicized, that a signed application indicates the use of displayed images for promotional purposes only. 

Sales: specify any fees and commission rates, limits to work sales; ie. delivery date, substitution out of 'sold' work.

Contact Name & Information: for application questions

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