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To Catch a Glimpse of Things

  • UWAG 263 Phillip Street Waterloo, ON, N2L 5Z5 Canada (map)

Paula McLean
To Catch A Glimpse of Things

Opening reception:
Thurs, May 2, 5–8 PM, ECH 1239

To Catch A Glimpse of Things is an exploration into concretizing and prolonging ephemeral gestures. Through the repetition of ambiguous forms and recurring imagery of distorted, amorphous figures, an attempt is made to reconstruct the complex and fragmentary phenomenon of perception, and the way meaning is created retrospectively through the extraction and arrangement of disparate moments and details gathered from lived experience. Employing the mediums of painting, drawing and sculpture, the exhibition presents a body of work in which the process of reproducing, abstracting and translating distorted images into other variations, mirrors the universal activity of the meaning-making mind; a mind that analyzes, prioritizes, erases, or substitutes aspects of experience as a means of negotiating a perceptually fluid world.