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Following the ambitious mounting of The Whole Shebang: a research project in late 2017, Design at Riverside will showcase a selection of works from the Contemporary Fibre Collection to further the conversations of preservation and presentation of works held by Cambridge Art Galleries. Over 115 Canadian artists are represented in the permanent collection dedicated to fibre based works. In the late eighties, we decided to pursue a particular collection mandate focused on the fibre medium, partly because the region’s flourishing industrial base was originally established by the textile industry, and partly because such specialization would set us apart from other institutional collectors. The works in our permanent collection are decidedly contemporary, pushing the limits on all fronts. Take a close look at some of the installation works that live within our vault.

Selected Artwork includes: 

Jaime Angelopoulos, He Moved Just So, 2012.

Kai Chan, Neck Piece, 1985.

Kai Chan, Playing Mountains, Playing Marriage, 1986.

Kai Chan, Two Lives, 1988.

Elyse de Lafontaine, I would like to tell… , 2002.

Helen Frances Gregor, Totem Tapestry No.8, 1981.

Tim Jocelyn, Palm Tree I, 1984.

Tim Jocelyn, Palm Tree II, 1984.

David Kaye, Untitled, 1977.

Daniel Manchego-Badiola, Guardian No.6, 2014.

Daniel Manchego-Badiola, Guardian No.7, 2014.

Daniel Manchego-Badiola, Guardian No.8, 2014.

Sheila McMath, Tissues & Trimmings Series #2, 2005.

Karen Thiessen, The Journey Series: Forgiveness #4, 1999.

Joy Walker, Beach Lake Sunset Mill, 2002.

Joy Walker, Conversation, 2002.


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