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Maca Suazo: Farm Days

Berlin Tower ARTSPACE
September exhibit

Farm Days

Maca Suazo
Reception September 7, 6-9 pm

Farm Days is a series of paintings that intend to translate the artist's experience of working on an Organic Farm, exploring different moments on a day's work in the simple, yet satisfying rhythms of farm life.  

Working on the fields, under all weather conditions, the paintings reflect the constant change of plants and insects as the season progresses. 

Inspired by the mysterious force found in nature, the importance of rain, sunshine and the cycles that naturally happen to all living things. The patterns of colour that translate to the day's chores as if they were maps. 

Using textures, shapes and colour combinations in Seeds of Change, personal history is captured as the artist watched his father grow increasingly dependant after his stroke. On the painting Barn Cat, captures the day's ahead away on the fields, while on other paintings like in The Whistling Farmer, the feeling of working while listening to the wind is expressed, and in the far distance, the farmer, whistling to himself.

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