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Michel de Broin: Blowback | Soheila Esfahani: The Immigrants

University of Waterloo Art Gallery
November 9–December 16, 2017

Two exhibitions, Opening reception: Thursday, November 9 from 5:00–8:00 pm

Gallery One
Michel de Broin

Blowback implies the state of emergency that has been steadily escalating since the end of the Second World War. The life-sized sculpture is composed of a pair of conjoined replicas of the M2A1 Howitzer which fires a 105 mm artillery shell, one of the most ubiquitous and effective pieces of military hardware ever produced. This deadly marriage or “amorous sabotage” as described by the artist, demonstrates the precarious balance of power in the modern world as well as the absurd yet disturbingly real threat of mutually assured destruction as nations continue to march headlong from one crisis to another. 

Gallery Two
Soheila Esfahani
The Immigrants

The Immigrants features an accumulation of hand-made porcelain birds decorated in culturally specific designs displayed alongside found blue & white porcelain birds that the artist collected at souvenir shops and flea markets during her travels. The birds evoke the movement of culture from one place to another by both immigrants and tourists. In considering these objects the artist invites viewers to question the complexities inherent in the dissemination of culture, and the potential for misrepresentation and appropriation in the wake of globalization and the mass production of similarly disposable artifacts.