Sponsored by the City of Kitchener, the Carl Zehr Square is the True North party epicenter and band location; loud but most central! There are two AP locations at Kitchener City Hall, 200 King St. W., Kitchener:

  • Open Sesame (interior exhibition spaces)

  • Carl Zehr Square (exterior exhibition spaces) just outside Open Sesame, under the canopy

Thursday June 20, 2019: Event runs from 6 or 7-11 pm
Artist set-up times between 1 pm to 6 -7 pm
*Exact times to be confirmed

Thursday April 25, by end of day
Please submit a scanned or hard copy of the completed and signed page 3 with a $75 refundable fee, cash or cheque payable to “Art$Pay” required to hold your spot. E-transfers are not possible. The deposit will be returned to participants after the event except in the cases of non-attendance, non-compliance or any cause for Registration to be cancelled and at the discretion of AP.
Drop off in the mail box provided outside Cathy’s Courtyard Studio door by April 3, or mail to:
Art$Pay, c/o Cathy Farwell, Suite 106, The Courtyard, 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener, ON. N2G 2X8
(Globe Studios are most often locked now.)


  • AP is organizing and promoting this on behalf of participating members. This exhibition will not be published as an official AP event without curation or jurying.

  • As Sponsor, the City of Kitchener will cover the cost of power and of hired movers to transport and set up the AP grid wall art display system. This includes hanging hardware, basket / shelves, and clamp lights as suits each artist’s needs without charge, supervised by AP. For grid wall system details and pictures see

  • Artworks must be wired to be compatible with the hanging hardware. ‘D’ rings may not span the grid openings.

  • Preferred display location will be designated to registered artists on a ‘first come...” basis.

Artists install their artwork, any art labels, signage, name buttons, clamp lights and other needs on June 20 during the designated times, and provide tables and chairs as required.
At 11 pm all artists help to tear down display booths and load that equipment into Open Sesame for next day pick-up by hired Movers. An extended show in Open Sesame may be possible for those artists interested in that and sharing gallery sitting responsibilities at agreed upon times but is not a condition for participation on June 20; more to come on that and how it may affect tear-down.

A body of work is not necessary - good art is! We’re being sponsored by the City of Kitchener because of our good AP reputation.
Smaller and less expensive works are more likely to sell to people walking around with home transportation considerations - whatever a tourist would buy. This is a tech crowd.
Artists must be paid up AP members at the time of registration and the event.

For artists listed under “Professionals Practice” - no juried art or artist selection
For artists listed under “Developing Practice” - some art selection assistance/ process in mid-June, TBA


  1. Artists are responsible for their own financial transactions, sales receipts and sold art delivery.

  2. There may be no internet service and limited power outlets. Artists using “Square” or similar devices for credit transactions may need to use data from their mobile device.

  3. Artwork prices posted are non-negotiable with purchasers; no discounts. Fair pay for work done and that artists’ work had value are important AP messages.

  4. Artists may agree with the purchaser to accept a down payment with remaining installments. The ‘full price’ 20% commission must be paid to AP at the applicable show closing.

  5. Artists’ prices include the 20% AP commission and any applicable taxes and third party gallery fees; all to be paid by the Artist.

  6. Artists agree to pay 20% commission to AP on all sales by cash or cheque, and on any sales and commissions received as a result of this opportunity for up to 30 days inclusive following the exhibition, payable when the artist receives payment.

Exhibiting artists are responsible for insuring their own work for theft, damage and third party liability and the Artist further acknowledges and agrees that AP and the venue host is not liable or responsible for any works prior to, during or after the event. Please keep any electronic devices and valuables with you. AP and the City of Kitchener are not responsible or liable for any artwork at any time.

AP is not responsible or liable for any artwork at any time. The Artist acknowledges and agrees that no member of ArtsPay or other person acting on behalf of ArtsPay shall have any legal or other relationship with the Artist, direct or indirect, arising from this Agreement, and that the sole relationship is between the Artist and ArtsPay, an unincorporated association. Furthermore, the Artist agrees that he or she has and will have no claim in law, equity or otherwise against any member of other person acting on behalf of ArtsPay, including for any liability that may arise from statute law, the common law, the law of contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, for any action or failure to act to the detriment or the purported detriment of the Artist or those receiving the benefits or purported benefits of any contract or other arrangement with or through the Artist.

The Artist represents and warrants that he or she:
a) is the sole author of the works with unfettered title and interest in the works;
b) has the necessary capacity and rights to enter into this Registration Agreement,
c) owns the requisite intellectual property (including any copyright in the works or trade-marks) to carry out the terms of this Agreement, and
d) has not entered into other agreements or made other arrangements that preclude the Artist from entering into and carrying out the terms of this Agreement. If the Artist is represented by another person with respect to his or her works, the Artist hereby represents and warrants that this Agreement and the terms of this Agreement are not prohibited or restricted by any such agreement or that such other person has consented to the Artist entering into this Agreement.

The Artist acknowledges that Artspay is relying upon these representations and warranties from the Artist, and that such representations and warranties are material to Artspay.