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November 22, 2017 - Art$Pay is 1 year old today! 

Art$Pay connects visual art practitioners with opportunities, community, and advocates for fair pay

The focus the first year was building ArtsPay and making its presence known … 

1.    Dozens of introductory presentations and consultations across the region, with fair compensation messaging
2.    Website built and maintained as a regional visual arts directory, promoter and community resource
3.    Over 85 regional visual arts practitioner members listed in the Directory and in Skills & Services developed to generate income. Requests to join came from Hong Kong, England and envious Guelph artists
4.    New member category Professional Curators added, distinct from artists offering curation in Skills & Services  
5.    Discount Card to recoup membership fees at participating retailers Currys Artist Supplies, Waterloo Chapters, ZM Cycle and Fitness, Artline Salon …
6.    Practitioners were paid to work for AP, except where an exchange of value was involved or donation offered
7.    11 Monthly Meet-ups held to date - the 12th is on Nov. 28th - with local artist ‘Talks’ to learn more about art, practicing as an artist, about each other’s practice, and to get better connected
8.    Professional development opportunities - 2 organized Critique Sessions at local galleries, Square credit device tutorials, Walper Show mentoring
9.    Portable art display system purchased, now available at a small fee for AP members and their orgs, to facilitate more great events
10.    The first ArtsPay annual Show & Sale at The Walper Hotel - over 800 people involved and guests paid to see art! Thanks to all, the Walper Show 2017 was a success, in many ways.
11.    Art rental opportunities being developed as role models for the AP fair compensation campaign
12.    Private Facebook Group established  ‘How to & Where to Find it’ to access membership for help & resources 

What’s ahead for 2018, in addition to building on ‘works in progress’…? 

Fair Compensation campaign - the focus for 2018
1.    The highly-visible Centre in the Square art rental program promoted as a positive role model, an alternative to free exposure by paying artists ‘fair market’ art rent, or an equivalent exchange of value   
2.    Public ‘celebration’ of other diverse established programs which compensate artists, i.e. WalterFedy, establishing more ‘good’ examples in retail, business and other sectors, education for artists and public 

Art Display System Rental
3.    A way to expand more original art in the community, artist opportunities and a supportive community network for AP members
4.    Rental process and rates being developed for members’ personal use, for use by their orgs, by other art groups & non-profits, and for everyone else
5.    An arrangement with a local moving company to also set up and dissemble the display system, to be covered in full or part by artist fees - any suggestions?
Future Exhibitions & Events
6.    Got an idea? AP now has resources to help members organize events with some admin. time, a mailing list, an art display system, tons of art, artists and sources of advice. 
7.    AP’s planning two smaller juried & curated shows for spring 2018 - one with abstract art and another involving works in clay, paper and fiber - maybe Rock, Paper, Scissors?
8.    The format for the AP Show & Sale Nov. 2018 will be different out of necessity with over 85 members and limited capacity. Thoughts so far …the Call, with a complete artist info package, will go out to members in spring 2018 for an early Sept. application deadline. Submission requirements will include 4 electronic images from a current body of work available for sale at that show (with some exceptions). Art will be selected by 1-2 professional paid curators, and the display planned for artist installation. A small Artist Fee will help cover moving company costs to handle the display system. 

Incorporating ArtsPay
9.    Planning for a healthy, sustainable AP future by directly involving more members
10.    AP will incorporate in spring 2018
11.    A four member working board and artist committees will be organized, with 2-3 year terms

12.    AP is a community resource. Membership at this point is for practitioners with a professional practice, or those actively developing one. Criteria under Get Listed have been refined.  
13.    New member categories will be added in 2018 for senior artists and community supporters, with benefits such as access to the display system
14.    Strength in numbers!  There are benefits and many good reasons to be listed as an AP member. Getting behind a fair compensation campaign and the mission helps all of us!
15.    Membership renewal begins for some artists in January 2018, an opportunity to review your listing, your art image, make suggestions and get more involved
16.    Outreach work continues to welcome marginalized and ‘fragile’ artists 

How you can help
17.    Follow and Like the AP Facebook Page, share notices on this and Instagram to help with public education on fair compensation and awareness of AP; a service helping you
18.    Help needed! People experienced in public relations for the fair compensation campaign, and with website savvy to revise the Calendar
19.    Organize a show, come out to Meet-up or offer to do a Talk
20.    Volunteer for a committee when that info is posted
21.    Feedback and constructive suggestions are truly helpful and appreciated!